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March 04, 2010



Best. Birthday. Party. Ever!!

If it makes you feel better, my girls had to BOTH sit in time out for 20 minutes before we left for school one day last week! They were maniacs. Possessed. Demons. Crazycakes!

I'm so glad you're blogging again! Almost makes me want to!


love love loved the party. you didn't seemed stressed at all, so you played that off nicely. seriously, it was so much fun and I loved all the games that the kiddies could play. 'twas perfecto.
love you jenny from the block.

oh and our morning started off with eden yelling at me that she wasn't going potty, and with charlotte having an ear infection. the rest of the day was me talking to myself in my head saying "it's ok that there are toys every where", "calm down", "you can do this all by yourself for a few more days"...etc.

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