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July 08, 2009



True story. Only it was Micah he was looking for. And I never had the chance to ask for you and he never asked any questions. He just picked up the phone, immediately started barking instructions, then hung up. I was left holding the phone - literally holding it out, looking at it, totally confused until I replayed it in my head a couple of times and figured it out. Thank God we didn't all have cell phones yet or I would have missed my only (one way) bonding moment with Turner.

I didn't hear that he died. I'm really sorry, Jen. You little shit.


Thad, I'm sure it was Andrew, right? How dare you question me on my own blog!
Kidding, but thanks for validating (sort of) this story and making me laugh.


That is too funny.

My only grandparent was not so funny, but she did (for some reason) think that Mackenzie was a witch. When Mackey would want a new dress, my mom would send her to Granny and she would say, "Granny, I need a new purple dress or somebody's gonna get dead." and Granny would hand her $50. My family is s-t-r-a-n-g-e.


One funny thing I remember about my Grandpa King (yes, I can remember that far back even though I'm a grandparent myself) is that he was extremely ticklish. One time I was in the kitchen with my grandmother, and we heard my grandad in another room laughing hysterically. Then we heard a big THUD. We ran to the other room to see what had happened only to find out that his foot was itching, and when he tried scratching, it tickled so much that he fell out of his chair from laughing.


OMG, I am laughing so hard at the message she left on your machine! Hilarious! My Mamaw (who could use the excuse that her alzheimers was maybe starting then) used to ask my mom if her bottom was getting bigger. In front of everyone. Like it was just "how was your day?" It seems like maybe she asked me something like this in my freshman year of college when I gained a few lb's but I think I blocked it out.

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